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World' the largest, biggest, smallest, longest and highest etc

 Superlatives: World | the largest, biggest, smallest, longest and highest etc

  1. Tallest animal on land.   Giraffe.
  2. Biggest whale. Great bell at Moscow.
  3. Fastest bird 🐦 Swift.
  4. Largest bird 🐦 ostrich.
  5. Smallest bird 🐦 Hummingbird
  6. Longest bridge Railway. Lower Zambezi Africa.
  7. Tallest building.  Burj Khalifa of Dubai [UAE]
  8. Longest big ship canal Suez Canal linking Red Sea and Mediterranean sea.
  9. Busiest Canal ship    Baltic white sea canal 152 miles.
  10. Biggest Cinema House Roxy Cinema New York
  11. Highest City.  Wenchuan Tibet China 16732 feet.
  12. Largest city in population. Tokyo
  13. Biggest city in area Mount Isa Queensland Australia 41225 square km.
  14. Largest continent Asia
  15. Smallest continent Australia
  16. Highest country Tibet pamir
  17. The largest country in population China
  18. Largest country in area Russia
  19. Largest Coral formation The Great Barrier Reef Australia
  20. Largest dam Grand coulee concrete Dam USA
  21. Longest day June 21 in Northern hemisphere
  22. Shortest day December 22 in Northern hemisphere
  23. The largest delta, Sundarban delta
  24. Largest desert Sahara 8400000 square kilometre
  25. Largest diamond, the Cullinan.
  26. Biggest dome , Gol Gumbaz Bijapur
  27. Biggest dome,. Astrodome sports
  28. Longest epic, the Mahabharata
  29. Largest Iceland Greenland renamed Kalaatdlit Nunnat.
  30. Largest lake artificial, Lake Mead (Bouler)
  31. Deepest lake , Baikal Siberia 2300 ft.
  32. Highest lake, titicaca (Bolivia ) 
  33. Largest lake of fresh water, Lake Superior USA.
  34. Largest lake saltwater, Caspian Sea
  35. Largest mosque, Jama Masjid Delhi 10000 square feet
  36. Highest mountain peak Everest Nepal.
  37. Highest mountain range Himalaya
  38. Longest mountain range Andes South America
  39. Biggest museum British Museum London
  40. Tallest minaret great Hassan mosque Morocco
  41. The best and the biggest ocean the Pacific Ocean
  42. Largest Palace, Imperial Palace Beijing China.
  43. Largest Park National Park Greenland.
  44. Largest Peninsula Arabia 3250000 square feet.
  45. Coldest place or region, vostok Antarctica temperature -89.2 degree Celsius.
  46. Driest place Death Valley California rainfall 1.5 inch.
  47. Hottest place, Death Valley California USA 56.7 degree Celsius, 134.06 Fahrenheit.
  48. Largest planet Jupiter
  49. Brightest and hottest planet and also nearest to earth Venus
  50. Hardest planet from the sun Neptune.
  51. Nearest planet to the sun Mercury.
  52. Smallest planet Mercury.
  53. Highest plateau, plateau of pamir Tibet
  54. Longest platform Gorakhpur platform up India.
  55. Largest platform railway Grand Central Terminal New York USA.
  56. Largest port, port of New York and New Jersey USA.
  57. Busiest port, rotterdam Netherland.
  58. Longest railway trans Siberian Railway 6000 miles long.
  59. Longest river, Nile river 6690 metres.
  60. Longest river Dam Hirakud Dam Orissa India
  61. Largest seabird Albatross
  62. Largest sea Inland meditarian
  63. Brightest star, Sirius also called dog 🌟 star.
  64. Tallest statue statue of Liberty New York.
  65. Tallest statue bronze, bronze statue of Lord Buddha Tokyo Japan.
  66. Longest swimming course English Channel.
  67. Tallest tower Tokyo skytree Japan.
  68. Longest train non stop flying scotsman.
  69. Longest tunnel Seikan rail tunnel Japan.
  70. Longest and largest Canal tunnel, Le Rove tunnel south of France.
  71. Longest tunnel Road , Laerdal , Norway.
  72. Longest wall, great wall of China.
  73. Highest waterfall, Salto Angel Falls venezuela,
  74. Largest bay, Hudson Bay Canada Shore line.
  75. Largest gulf, gulf of mexico.
  76. Largest archipelago, indonesia
  77. Largest river basin, Amazon Basin.
  78. Largest gorge, grand canyon on the colorado river USA.
  79. Lightest gas, Hydrogen.
  80. Lightest metal, Lithium.
  81. Highest melting point, Tungsten.
  82. Hardest substance, Diamond.
  83. Longest Animal, Blue Whale
  84. Longest lifes-pan of an animal. 190 to 200 years, Giant Tortoise.
  85. Largest Land animal-African Bush Elephant.
  86. fastest Animal-  Cheetah (Leopard)
  87. Longest Jump Animal-Kangaroo.
  88. Longest wing spread bird-Albatross.
  89. slowest Animal - Snail.
  90. fastest dog- Persian Grey Hound
  91. Longest piosonous snake-King Cobra.
  92. Bigest flower- Raffesia 
  93. Largest Stadium- Rungrado May Stadium
  94. Largest Church - Basilica of St.Peter, Vatican city, Rome Italy.
  95. Largest temple- Ankor Vat  Cambodia.
  96. Largest diamond mine- Kimberly South Africa
  97. Largest river in volume- Amazon River 6400 km.
  98. Longest corridor- Rameshwaram temples corridor.
  99. Highest straight dam - Bhankhada Nangal Dam.
  100. Highest capital city - La Paz, Bolivia
  101. Largest Asian result-  Gobi. Mongolia
  102. Largest democracy - India
  103. Largest neck animal - Giraffe
  104. Largest animal of the cat family - 🦁 lion
  105. Most intelligent animals - chimpanzee
  106. Wingless 🐦 bird - kiwi
  107. Reptile which changes its colour- chameleon
  108. Largest mammal- whale.

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