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List of persons who are first in the world

List of persons (male&female) who are first in the world. 

List of persons who are first in the world

  1. First man to climb Mount Everest - Sherpa Tenzing Norway and sir Edmund Hillary.
  2. First man to reach North Pole - Robert Peary.
  3. First man to reach South Pole - Ronald amundsen.
  4. First country to print book- China
  5. First country to issue paper currency- China
  6. First country to start civil services competition- China
  7. First President of industries States of America- George Washington.
  8. First Prime Minister of Britain - Robert walpole.
  9. First secretary general of the United Nations - Trigve Li.
  10. First country to make the education compulsory - Prussia.
  11. First country to win the World Cup Football-Uruguay 1930.
  12. First country to make a constitution- United States of America.
  13. First Governor General of Pakistan- Mohammad Ali Jinnah.
  14. First Summit of N A M was organised in -Belgrade (former Yugoslavia)
  15. First European to visit China Marco Polo
  16. First man to fly an aeroplane Wright Brothers
  17. First person to sail around the world - Ferdinand Magellan.
  18. First country to send human to moon - United States of America
  19. First country to launch satellite into space Russia former USSR
  20. First country to host the modern olympic games  - Greece
  21. First president of the Republic of China - Dr. Sunyat Sen
  22. First city to be attacked with atom bomb Hiroshima Japan
  23. First radio telescope satellite was launched into space -  Japan
  24. First Russian Prime Minister to visit India -  V I Bulganin.
  25. First university of the world Takshila University
  26. First man to set foot on the moon Neil Armstrong
  27. First man to go into space -  Major Yuri Gagarin USSR
  28. First space shuttle launched - Columbia
  29. First spaceship landed on Mars - Viking I ,1976.
  30. First woman Prime Minister of England Margaret Thatcher
  31. First woman Prime Minister of a country S.Bandaranayake Sri Lanka
  32. First woman Prime Minister of any Muslim country -  Benazir Bhutto Pakistan
  33. First woman cabinet in space  - Valentina Tereshkova USSR
  34. First woman to climb Mount Everest - Junko Tabei Japan.
  35. First Deep and dumb to cross the strait of Gibraltar  - Taranath Shenoy India
  36. First woman president of UN General Assembly  - Smt Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit 1953
  37. First European invader of Indian soil Alexander
  38. First woman to reach the north pole - Ms Fran.
  39. First woman to reach Antarctica - Caroline Michaelson.
  40. First man to draw the map of Earth Anexemander.
  41. First man to compile encyclopaedia  -Aspheosis Athens.
  42. First oldest man to climb Mount Everest - Richard Wass
  43. First Asian to win Wimbledon trophy Arthur Ashe.
  44. First man to win Nobel prize for Peace - Jin F. Dunant (Switzerland) & Frederick Peiry (France)
  45. First woman president of a country - Maria estela Person, Argentina
  46. First space tourist male -   Dennis Tito USA
  47. First space tourist female Mrs. Anousheh Ansari ( Irani American).

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